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Expose Yourself!

Destroyable.me is a platform where you can temporarily expose yourself - or others WITH CONSENT - for all the world to see. Below are a bunch of options to choose from to determine the extent of your exposure.

Play safe, play sane. Illegal activity is not tolerated. Let's keep it fun for everybody involved!

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This gives people the option to download your photo.

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This allows people to extend the expiration time of your photo.

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If you choose this option, you will not be able to delete your photo.

This watermarks your image with the viewer's IP so that non-consensual reposting is greatly discouraged.

warningPhotos that are not consensual or photos that you do not have copyright on are strictly forbidden. Photos involving children, illegal activity, scat, bestiality or blood are strictly forbidden. Doxxing is strictly forbidden. View our full guidelines here.

Posting someone else's personal information or references to social profiles will result in a permanent suspension and we won't hesitate to report your IP to the authorities.

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infoIf you do not wish to be reposted, please disable downloads and enable copy-protection, otherwise you are consenting to potentially getting reposted on the site by other users.

Feeling unsure about uploading? Let fate decide and try out Chance Upload! A timer will count down from 30 seconds after which there'll be a 50% chance for your image to be uploaded.

Temporary Image Hosting

Destroyable.me is a temporary image host that allows you to upload your private photos for a certain amount of time which you can specify yourself. It can also serve as a quick and easy photo storage for your secret images. After uploading, you will be redirected to your image and be able to view and share your image using the generated URL. Adult images are allowed, as long as the person(s) displayed in the image are at least 18 years or older and have given consent to having their picture taken and uploaded.

All images are split up into random pieces and obscurely stored on our file server under different hashes, which means the images cannot be viewed without their corresponding values which are stored on our database server. Individually, the data on each server is practically useless. Once the timer of your image has run out, or if you manually destroy it, the data is permanently deleted and purged from cache. Your personal data is not stored.


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